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tarsnap 1.0.39-2 official .deb packages for buster & disco


We now have official .deb packages which support OpenSSL 1.1, which is
required for Ubuntu 19.04 "disco" and Debian 10 "buster".

There's two related changes:
- for distributions which include both OpenSSL 1.0 and 1.1 (such as Ubuntu
  18.04 "bionic"): Tarsnap 1.0.39-1 was linked against openssl 1.0; the new
  tarsnap 1.0.39-2 packages are linked against openssl 1.1.

- the tarsnap-archive-keyring package has been updated to include the 2020
  keys (as normal for July / August of the previous year), and we've also
  bumped the version number from 0.6 to 2019.08.24 (following the format of
  many other foo-archive-keyring packages in the .deb world).

You can see all commits which went into the 1.0.39-2 packages:

My apologies for the delay in getting these packages out there.

- Graham Percival