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Re: Tarsnap fails with broken pipe in systemd timer unit

On Tue, Oct 08, 2019 at 07:28:36PM +0200, Simon Levermann wrote:
> The script itself only writes to stdout. I'm assuming systemd is trying to
> prevent some action that the tarsnap script is taking.

tarnap is trying to write to stdout (if you're curious, this is at line 238 of
tar/multitape/multitape_stat.c).  Systemd doesn't like that.

Here's a quote from a stackoverflow answer, which is quoting the manual:

    The systemd service manager invokes all service processes with standard
    output and standard error connected to the journal by default. This
    behaviour may be altered via the StandardOutput=/StandardError= unit file
    settings, see systemd.exec(5) for details.

For more info, see:
or google "systemd stdout" to see lots of complaints / bug reports / answers
about this.

(I'm not an expert on systemd, so I won't try to elaborate on this response;
I'm sure that I would get something wrong, and lots of help already exists.)

- Graham