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Re: https://www.tarsnap.com/faq.html#out-of-money

Hi Amar,

I can't comment about any change to finances, but if it would
help, you can ask to receive a monthly summary of your account
(charges and balance).  We are required to send these to Canadians
for tax reasons, and non-Canadians can get them too.

This info should have been in our FAQ, so I'm adding it now.

- Graham Percival

On Tue, Aug 04, 2020 at 11:34:59AM +0530, Amar via tarsnap-users wrote:
> Can we add (maybe) a 30 days  and another 15 days warning along with the existing 7 days warning?
> Before the "possible deletion" timer starts which is again.
> Or at least one 30/15 days warning other than the existing 7 days?
> Right now there’s just one 7 days advance warning (I am not counting the starting of “possible deletion” countdown as advance warning). I can imagine many scenarios in which I could miss both  and very low chances of missing a 15/30 days warning (this can be different for others though)
> Or giving users an option to be warned by two or one emails when the balance falls below X days worth of cost instead of fixing that warning at 7 days.
> Or some kind of option for the data not get deleted within/around 7 days. Maybe keep some money in buffer (optional maybe)?