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Re: fastest/least bandwidth selective archive removal methods?

On Tue, Aug 04, 2020 at 08:48:21AM +0200, hvjunk wrote:
> Deleting 7 archives (I at present I’m in need for pruning many more) Takes around 3hours?
> My traffic utilization also shot throw the roof, but I recall something that is how the dice rolls with tarsnap, so I’ll have to live with that part.

Hmm.  Could you try deleting one archive with --noisy-warnings?
I'm wondering if that might print out some network-related

Could you also please try
    ping v1-0-0-server.tarsnap.com
for a few seconds?  Let's see what latency we're dealing with.

> The issue with “recovery” is that tarsnap seems sometimes to be stuck doing that deletion, how can I see whether it’s still busy, or the server is slow, or the link is slow (don’t believe that, but it is from EU side, so we do have latency ;( ), as it being stuck and busy deleting seems to be the same “State” from what I’ve seen.

Agreed, this is not ideal.

> Oh, and going off course, while this multi day deletion is in progress I can’t do backups, so wonders about an interruption mechanism that is guaranteed.

I'm not certain that I understand this sentence.  If you're asking
if ctrl-c should interrupt the deletion, then yes; but there's no
"checkpoint" for deletion so if you've deleted 2.4 out of 6
archives, the next time you run the command you'd have 4 archives
left to delete.

- Graham