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Re: Planning for Emergency restore

So - sounds like reliability through redundancy is the hot
ticket. I'll get a bunch of flash drives and stick an encrypted copy of the key in each one. Put one in my car - one in my wife's car - one in each of my sheds, one in a storage unit I have...

... What if somebody breaks my encryption...?

...Will the tarsnap key still work without the first and
last lines? The ones that say "# START OF TARSNAP KEY FILE" and "# END OF TARSNAP KEY FILE" ?

Because without those lines, if somebody out there breaks the encryption, all he gets is a ball of mush with no obvious purpose.

                    - Jerry Kaidor

p.s. I was thinking about fuse-programmable ROMs, but I don't think those are a thing anymore. I still have some old 2732 and 2764 EPROMs laying around, but I don't think I even have a programmer for them.