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Re: Should I keep all archives

On 6/26/21 6:26 PM, Romo Hu wrote:

My system has a daily cron job that does tarsnap backup which has been running since 2017, and "tarsnap --list-archives" shows a lot of archives.  Should I care?  Is it ok to just let the archive number keep growing?  If there will never be a need to restore data that are more than 3 days old, can I just remove all archives that are more than 3 days old?  Is it possible to configure tarsnap to only keep archives of the recent 3 days?

It's up to you, really - Tarsnap does de-duplicate data as it uploads, so if those archives are all mostly the same data there isn't much overhead to the cost of keeping it. On the other hand, if your data changes every day, it'll be a lot of extra storage you don't need.

Deletion is also up to you, though I think there are a few scripts around to make it easier.

Daniel T. Staal

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