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Re: Invalidate tarsnap key?

On 18/03/2022 00:07, Colin Percival wrote:
> On 3/17/22 08:17, Arthur Chance wrote:
>> Is it possible to invalidate an existing tarsnap key so it cannot be
>> used in future. I have a key for a decommissioned machine so it's no
>> longer needed and hypothetically it could be used for DoS attack (by
>> creating bogus archives and draining the account funds). Obviously this
>> is impossible unless the key leaks somehow, but operational paranoia
>> would suggest invalidating it would be a good idea.
> The API for disabling keys is "send Colin an email". ;-)

So API = Application Programmer's Initiative. :-)

> At some point in the indefinite future it should be possible to do this
> via the Tarsnap website.

Thanks Colin.

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