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experimental Tarsnap packages for Ubuntu 22.04 jammy amd64

We now have experimental packages for Ubuntu 22.04 "jammy", amd64
architecture.  Installation instructions:

Ubuntu no longer supports i386 [1], so we do not have any i386 packages for
Ubuntu 22.04 jammy.  (We will continue to have i386 packages for other

If all goes well, these will become the official packages in a few weeks.

- Graham Percival

[1] there is no installation image for Ubuntu jammy on i386:
and pbuilder requires aptitude, for which ubuntu does not have any
i386 binary:

Back in June 2019, Ubuntu announced that it was dropping support for i386
a week later, they said that they would keep a few i386 packages in order to
support Ubuntu Studio and windows games via WINE.

If anybody is running Ubuntu 22.04 jammy on i386 (somehow?) and wants tarsnap
packages, please get in touch!

- Graham