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Re: Tarsnap GUI for the desktop

On Thu, 11 Jun 2015, at 05:37 AM, Shinnok wrote:
> Greetings to all gents and ladies,
> I bring fresh news from the Tarsnap pit.


Being truly lazy, I made an OSX brew recipe[1], feel free to add
comments to the gist & I'll update it per feedback for the next week or
so before submitting it to the brew repo.

    brew install -v
    && brew linkapps --local tarsnap-gui

You can of course do `brew install -v --HEAD` and get all the latest

# Issues

- it's not clear how best to re-use an existing tarsnap install (wrt
machine keys, cache dir ... etc), your caveat wrt 0.5 / beta duly noted

- the setup wizard doesn't like using a cache dir that is owned only by
root (chown $USER:wheel /usr/local/tarsnap-cache)

- wizard won't enable the `proceed` button
https://i.imgur.com/GYvftBj.png and it's not clear why

# Minor

- homebrew wants a terminal-based way to test the app, perhaps it could
have a `--help` flag for the binary that prints version number to the
terminal and then exits?

- the app needs an "About" menu option to report the version number,
super author, and any FLOSS-related credits

- it might be worthwhile considering a different name for the app than
`Tarsnap` especially as it results in a duplicate binary
~/Applications/Tarsnap.app/Contents/MacOS/Tarsnap which is awkward on
OSX as HFS+ is case-insensitive by default.

I'll add github issues for these.

[1]: https://gist.github.com/dch/b39c65038f2b21314dbf