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Re: spiped build issues on OS X

On 08/30/14 16:32, Dominyk Tiller wrote:
> Yeah, over at Homebrew we took the decision to start pushing
> everything we come across onto our provided OpenSSL, due to the
> security vulns of using depreciated connections.

Makes sense, especially given the ancient OpenSSL in OS X.

> I'm not sure what MacPorts and Fink do in regards to this package
> though. It might be worth checking those out to see if they're also
> rolling with an updated OpenSSL dep.
> As for people who download and build the source from scratch
> themselves, perhaps it's worth editing the BUILDING document to
> specify you really should be using a newer OpenSSL on OS X.

Absolutely.  Can you suggest appropriate wording?  I don't know what
options are required to point the linker at a different OpenSSL.

Colin Percival
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