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Re: Multithreading support?

On 08/23/17 17:40, Seth P. Garrepy wrote:
> The backup is a flat-file dataset containing assorted documents, videos,
> and audio files. I am trying to assess my initial costs, since I started
> with you guys very recently, before I send my initial backup over the wire;
> I am running it in a dry-run mode at the moment. The raw size of the
> dataset is 2.3TB running on a RAIDZ2 volume consisting of 4x4TB WD Red NAS
> drives (SATA3), 16GB of buffered ECC RAM, and an i3-4360/3.70GHz CPU. Once
> the initial backup is sent, there will be little overall change in the data
> (less than 0.5-1% change daily). Most of the change will be in the folders
> that deal with my business documents, unless a family video or two gets
> uploaded by my wife.
> Does this information help?

Yes.  So, the fact that it takes a while to chew through that data is normal,
but it's probably not all that important anyway since you probably wouldn't
be able to upload more than 50 Mbps anyway. ;-)

Creating subsequent archives would be faster, since tarsnap can look at file
metadata and figure out that the file hasn't changed -- thus avoiding the
need to read the file and process it again.

Does that make sense?

Colin Percival
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