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Re: Tarsnap GUI shows 0 data archived or backed up


> Apart from what Graham said, did you expand the Journal log (clicking the
> bottom status bar or CMD+j) or took a peek at the Console Log in Help tab
> next day? Sending screenshots of the UI, especially the top part, doesn't
> really provide enough info for us to help you. What about desktop

My point of screenshot was - I didn't see any archives where I could see
data usage on tarsnap.con. That's all.

Yes, I am attaching journal log with this mail.

> notifications, can you check your macOS system notification area and see
> if you got any errors during the backup process, or if the back was
> started in the first place (assuming you didn't clear it)?

I didn't clear any notifications but there are none from beyond 2 days.

> Also did you enable Save Console Log in Settings -> Application ? That

No, I didn't know. I didn't know it existed. I have enabled it now but
obviously it shall not help with the issue now.

> will definitely help in trouble shooting problems like this in the near
> future, including for scheduled backups. The setting is not enabled by
> default for privacy concerns mostly and *maybe* disk usage to some extent,
> since the plain-text log can get quite big with heavy usage of operations
> like list archives and contents. Maybe we should start a discussion in
> regards to that, meaning should we enable it by default?

I think it will be a good idea with some checks and balances.

> Thank you for trying Tarsnap GUI out,

Thank you for trying to make Tarsnap more accessible to non true geeks :)


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