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Re: Tarsnap GUI on Mac stopped running scheduled job


Looks like just changing the path to the correct value didn’t work and scheduled backups are not happening at all.
Any help bringing the scheduled backup jobs back on track will be appreciated.

I use Tarsnal to backup important important data out of the data that is already backed up to CrashPlan so it’s most critical data and it kinda changes every day couple of times so it kind of worries me :)


> On 18 Jul 18, at 10:26 PM, Graham Percival <gperciva@tarsnap.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 18, 2018 at 10:22:36PM +0530, Amar wrote:
>>   /usr/local/Cellar/tarsnap-gui/1.0/Tarsnap.app/Contents/MacOS/Tarsnap
>>   I guess this is the reason. Looks like the "brew cask upgrade" wiped
>>   out ../1.0 folder and added a folder ../1.0.1 which I see but the plist
>>   was not updated.
>>   Was I supposed to do it manually or is it a bug in tarsnap-gui? Or
>>   something else didn’t let it update the .plist.
> Yikes!  That will be a problem for all future updates.  I'm investigating.
> (yes, it's a bug)
>>   Is there a separate mailing list for tarsnap-gui?
> Not yet; for now please use this list.
> Cheers,
> - Graham