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Re: Tarsnap GUI shows 0 data archived or backed up


I believe too much feedback in my last mail might have been off-putting
and judgemental (and kinda unsolicited advice) :-) Or not.

Anyway, this is something I tried to figure out on my own and but couldn't
and still looking for help. So could someone please help me about it
(quoted from previous mail):

> I have a questions though and instead of asking that in a separate thread
> I thought I will ask that here itself:
> I am backing up 1.45 GB and I see the usage are 1.07 GB. Yes, there are
> other archives but they are in KBs. Even after the first archive I believe
> it was either 1.07 GB or something very close to it - it was > 1 GB.
> So, can I make it smaller than 1.07 GB? Am I doing something wrong? I can
> explain what kind data are part of those 1.45 GB (can give a breakup too
> if needed).
> Can I compress it more, make de-duplication more aggressive? I have used
> the default config that came with the app.

Or should I ask it in a separate thread? Or rather shoot a mail to Tarsnap
support? (But I see Graham is CCed in this mail thread).