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Names to UTF-8?


My weekly Tarsnap cron job emails me a raft of errors that I have been studiously ignoring....
something like:

tarsnap: directoryname/Wells Fargo Account Summary .pdf: Can't translate pathname 'directoryname/Wells Fargo Account Summary .pdf' to UTF-8

These are files that I download from institutions - for example, my bank. I have no control over the names. Apparently,
the bank indulges in cute little "trademark" signs etc.

Can anybody suggest a strategy for dealing with this? It would be OK by me to writei a script to rename the files to something sensible, or to program Tarnsap to tolerate these names - without changing its behavior otherwise. But I would rather not rename them by hand - there's a lot of them, and more will appear in time.

   Thanks in advance,

                   - Jerry Kaidor